About Delphi Ortho
Delphi Ortho is located in the beautiful city of Asheville in the Blue Ridge Mountains
of Western North Carolina. We specialize in training orthotic technicians of virtually
all levels in most aspects of brace fabrication.
Steve Hill, CO
Steve Hill has been in O&P since May of 1982 and teaching since 1994. He is
President and CEO of Delphi Ortho, Secretary and founding board member of OPTA
(Orthotic Prosthetic Technological Association), serves on the O&P Almanac Advisory
Board and serves as a Facility Accreditation Surveyor.

He has written dozens of  
Technicians Corner articles for the O&P Almanac and four
featured articles for various industry magazines. With over five years reviewing BOC
Video Practical Exams and a term on BOC's Item Writing Committee, Steve has
developed an excellent working knowledge of practitioner/technician problems and

Also, after serving more than 20 years of bench time at a successful orthotic central
fabrication facility, Steve has mastered many technicians tricks of the
trade. This gives him an intimate understanding of mold rectification, plastic
thermoforming, plastic finishing and metal bending.

Steve has given more than one hundred lectures over the past twelve years on such
wide ranging topics as infrared technology, component fabrication, materials and
component sciences and general orthotic fabrication.
Technical Consultant